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The scientists at DuPont Microbial Control are among many of the best and brightest in the world. Their curiosity and creativity fuel the company’s growth and help solve complex global microbial challenges – creating the products, solutions and processes of tomorrow. We practice the fundamentals of R&D –with deep expertise, capabilities and networks that are remarkable in the industry.

We lead in applications science, employing advanced microbiology techniques to innovate for real-world conditions. We are driven to continually develop new technologies and advanced sustainable solutions, new actives and advanced diagnostics.

Key actives include:

• Glutaraldehyde - One of the most effective and versatile molecules available, providing effective and safe microbial control to help protect against diseases in animals and humans, spoilage in manufactured products and disruptions in industrial processes, including extended downhole protection for oil and gas operations.

• MIT and CMIT - Powerful biocides and preservatives used in a wide range of industrial and preservation applications, such as coatings, household products, personal care, water treatment, etc.

• CTAC – Potent broad-spectrum preservative used in paints and coatings

• DBNPA – Powerful antimicrobial for treating industrial process water

• DCOIT – A highly effective marine antifoulant and biocidal agent for paints and coatings

• MBIT - A new technology that offers outstanding, sustainable in-can preservation

Innovative products such as:

• SILVADUR™ - The award-winning intelligent antimicrobial that keeps textiles fresh and odor-free

• SEA-NINE™ 211N – The environmental award-winning marine antifouling paint that protects ships without harming marine environments

TAUNOVATE High-Throughput Testing Platform: Better Solutions Faster

DuPont Microbial Control’s TAUNOVATE High-Throughput (HTP) test method is a powerful tool that allows you to get the right biocide for your formulation—at the right concentration. You can achieve optimal operational performance within a more efficient time frame and with remarkable cost savings compared to other test methods.