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Regulatory Expertise
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regulatory expertise

We provide customers with unique regulatory expertise and advocacy support, integrated with product and application development, to help secure global and local product compliance and registration and facilitate a faster entry to market:

  • World class regulatory expertise
  • Technical expertise
  • First class customer service
  • Supply chain excellence

An unrivalled track record in Europe:

Number of pre-BPR national registrations: 1430
Number of substances supported: 20
Number of PTs/substances dossiers submitted: 82
Number of PTs/substances dossiers approved to date*: 20
Upcoming BPR product dossier submissions (2015 – 2016)**: 26

* including Pending Approvals
** BPR product dossier submissions for Glutaraldehyde, CMIT/MIT and IPBC

regulatory expertise

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To match the demands of the market we will continue to deliver world class regulatory expertise whilst expanding our support levels both now and in the future. Integrated with our product and application technology we remain committed to providing the most efficacious and sustainable microbial control solutions available.


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