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27 September 2018
New Global Study from Dow Reveals Consumer Perceptions and Habits around Textile Odor Removal and Prevention
Study Surfaces Insights into Consumer Desires for Built-in Odor Prevention – such as INTELLIFRESH™ – in the Marketplace
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10 September 2018
Turning the Tide with Biocides
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1 September 2018
Creating Custom Chemistry for Oil-And-Gas Production
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28 June 2018
Dow explores chlorine dioxide limits
Dow Microbial Control has released the third video in its new series which highlights the limitations of this increasingly-used biocide and the consequences of relying on chlorine dioxide alone for protection from microbes.
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20 June 2018
Limitations of chlorine dioxide
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10 August 2017
Dow Microbial Control Obtains Canadian Oil and Gas Approvals, an Industry First for Biocides Labeled for Use in Offshore Operations
Proactive change leads to increased transparency and greater clarity across the industry
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