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Pulcra Chemicals Joins Roster of SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial Distributors

28 April 2015
“The SILVADUR distributor network is a critical element in bringing our product to market, providing a vital link to our mill customers.”
Karel Williams, global strategic marketing associate director

MIDLAND, MI - April 28, 2015 - Dow Microbial Control, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) and the manufacturer of SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial, has announced that Pulcra Chemicals has been added to its global distributor network for SILVADUR Antimicrobial. Pulcra Chemicals, headquartered in Geretsried, Germany, is a leading global supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and systems solutions for increasing the productivity of manufacturing processes in the fiber, textile and leather industries. The company has extensive experience working with antimicrobial technology.

“The SILVADUR distributor network is a critical element in bringing our product to market, providing a vital link to our mill customers,” said Karel Williams, global strategic marketing associate director, Dow Microbial Control. “Because they represent our business in the marketplace, our goal is to partner with companies like Pulcra Chemicals, which are recognized for excellence in terms of marketplace knowledge, establishing and maintaining customer relationships over the long term, technical know-how and a strong desire to invest for growth. Pulcra, which shares Dow’s standards, values and objectives for SILVADUR, is a tremendous addition to our network. Equally important, we’re confident that SILVADUR technology will be a key driver of business growth for Pulcra.”

Dow supports its SILVADUR distributor partners in a number of ways. They include technical service, including antimicrobial testing at approved labs around the world, assistance in running in-plant trials, lead referrals and comprehensive sales, regulatory and merchandising support to customers throughout the value chain.

SILVADUR’s patented Intelligent Freshness technology offers reliable odor control in apparel and home textiles at a time when more and more consumers are embracing a healthier, more hygienic lifestyle. When odor-causing bacteria land on the surface of treated fabrics, they are neutralized on contact by SILVADUR’s invisible freshness protection ingredient, so treated articles stay fresher longer. Extensive testing has shown that SILVADUR Antimicrobial has a high degree of efficacy against a wide range of undesirable bacteria, is highly durable over 50 washings and its application process is efficient and cost effective.

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